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Modern methods feed processing and feedings

Such theme has been designated at the international conference which passed in Baku. As the initiator of her Azerbaijan firm Asena has acted. Experts of various firms took part in work of a forum, feed compound factories, cattle-breeding and poultry-farming facilities from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. For the first time such action was carried out two years ago, but for this time many questions which have defined a urgency of similar meetings for experts of agrarian


Modern methods feed processing and feedings

Such theme has been designated at the international conference which passed in Baku. As the initiator of her Azerbaijan firm Asena has acted. Experts of various firms took part in work of a forum, feed compound factories, cattle-breeding and poultry-farming facilities from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. For the first time such action was carried out two years ago, but for this time many questions which have defined a urgency of similar meetings for experts of agrarian and industrial complex have appeared. As a whole, conference has received a poultry-farming direction as this branch actively develops in Azerbaijan, here for last year manufacture of meat of broilers has increased for 20%.

Not casually company Asena has put forward idea of carrying out of conference.
She specializes on designing, manufacture and installation of the process equipment and delivery "on a turn-key basis" feed compound factories capacity from 5 up to 30 t/h. For last years this company constructs 24 feed compound a factory in Azerbaijan, some factories in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan. She delivers also the separate equipment: hog crushers productivity 5,10,20 t/h, sifting machines, batcher different carrying capacity, amalgamators, grain mill, the transport equipment, filters for aspiration, etc.
In the performance the general director of company Asena V.Gummatov has stopped on the review of major principles of construction and a complete set feed compound factories. Success of performance of the project depends not only on the supplier of the equipment, but also from the good technical project. Great value have both expenses for civil work, and cost of the equipment. At installation of the equipment the big attention is given accommodation batcher bunkers for exception of manual moving heavy components on weight. Accuracy of batching of components of mixed fodders is a pledge of quality of a ready product, hence, weight batcher should satisfy to this requirement. Process of mixing of components of mixed fodders is frequently characterized by their stratification, therefore it is offered to mix large crushed component during 20 - 30 with, then to enter liquid additives, thus, providing reduction of stratification of mixed fodder and then to submit finer on the size components.

V.Gummatov has considered some projects which were realized by company Asena, in particular for an integrated poultry farm in Kamanensk - Podolsk (Ukraine). A designed capacity of a factory - 25. For this enterprise have chosen the non-standard decision - eight batcher bunkers for macro components have established outside of a building. All of the bunker tight, are equipped with rubber linings for exception of hit of a moisture. As are mounted the bunker and for finished goods which are equipped with the circular switching centre that facilitates submission of a product in the bunker. At a factory lines of batching macro , average and micro components are stipulated; be available also a line granulation . Also the image organizes a full cycle of manufacture of mixed fodders. The equipment is placed so, that there are free areas on which further it is possible to establish, for example, a line extruding or expansion.

In conclusion of V.Gummatov has emphasized, that known German firm Awila has assessed projects of company Asena that speaks about professionalism of employees of the company, warranties of carried out works both on construction feed compound factories, and on delivery of the equipment.
V.Krjukova's report, Dr.Sci.Biol., has been devoted to a question of increase of efficiency of an agricultural bird at high temperature. The body temperature of a bird depends on two sources: heat production , that is formations of heat by an organism during a metabolism, and heating as a result of influence of an ambient temperature. Therefore for achievement of the maximal efficiency of a bird it is necessary to protect her from overheat, it is especial in a hot season. For this purpose it is necessary to reduce formation of heat in an organism, influencing a metabolism and to raise allocation of heat from an organism.

The supervision which have been lead on chickens - broilers, have shown, that with increase in an ambient temperature consumption of a forage depending on a genotype is reduced on 1,7-3,6% on each degree. It is established, that the more productively distributing frame , the it is more sensitive to changes of temperature and humidity of an environment. At rise in temperature with 21 up to 35° С with each degree egg production hens thickness of a shell on 1% and weight eggs on 1-2 is reduced on 1,5%.
Reduction of negative action of high temperature can be achieved first of all by decrease heat production . Formation of heat in an organism is directly connected to physiological functions, main of which consumption, digestion and mastering of nutrients. Process of consumption of a forage renders insignificant influence on formation of heat during hot time as at the raised temperature appetite worsens and consequently receipt of nutrients in an organism that conducts to decrease heat production decreases.

The consumed forage is digested and leaves intestines of a bird through 2,5-3 h., and the soaked up products start to be exposed to transformations into an organism which are accompanied maximal heat production and rise in temperature of a body. Proceeding them it, it is recommended to stop feeding of a bird for 3 - 4 h. Prior to the beginning of the hot period of day. To renew distribution of a forage expediently for 2 - 3 h. Before decrease in an ambient temperature. In result increase heat production will take place during decrease in temperature that will weaken its negative action on an organism. Such reception can be even more amplified due to application of faltering illumination at which light in a hen house switch off during the hottest period of day. It limits impellent activity of a bird and promotes additional decrease heat production. However it is necessary to take into account thus, that the front of feeding and have a meal should be increased, that the bird could consume a forage for short time.

In world practice apply the special additives intended for regulation and preventive maintenance of a metabolism at a bird at its maintenance in conditions of high temperature. The bird gets stability to cyclic action of high temperature in the afternoon day. At it the water-salt balance and a power exchange are normalized. Use of such additives reduces losses of alive weight at broilers and raises quality of a shell at hens-layer. For example, addition of a hydrocarbon ate of sodium at temperature stress increases additional weights, inclusion chloride ammonium - growth rate of broilers. It is possible to draw a conclusion, that for easing action of high temperature on a bird it is necessary to change conditions of its maintenance and feeding which should provide decrease in heat in an organism.
The theme of dependence of efficiency of a bird from nutritious ness of a forage was developed in S.Moloskin's performance, by Cand.Biol.Sci., technical and scientific director of the company Adisseo-Eurasia. Reception of high efficiency of a bird is a result of complex process in view of many factors, a basic of which level of nutritious ness of a forage, his equation and availability, a state of health of a bird, a metabolism in an organism, a daily average additional weight, conditions of an environment, interaction of energy of a forage and temperatures in a hen house. At the raised temperature in a hen house a bird, it is especial chickens, does not eat the put norm of a forage, therefore it is necessary to limit his energy. Thus the forage should be balanced on the basic parameters of nutritious ness. Feeding layer and broilers mixed fodders which recipes are made under specifications of the selection companies, unfortunately, more and more rises in price because of increase of the prices for raw material for mixed fodders. Therefore many scientists and practice achieve depreciation of the forages spent for manufacture of a unit of production.

In this connection studying efficiency so-called " low-nutritive" recipes is interesting. On recipes of the balanced mixed fodder with the level of nutrients reduced in comparison with norm probably reception of the same parameters egg production layer and additional weights of broilers, as well as on normative recipes. Thus expenses of a forage for a unit of production in terms of volume though increase, but in money terms these expenses are reduced. In a result use low-nutritive recipes results in decrease in the cost price of production and increase of profitability of poultry farming.
At drawing up of recipes the special attention is necessary for giving balance of amino acids, a level of buffer capacity of a forage, structure premix and to use of biologically active additives promoting increase of comprehensibility of forages, such as, for example, salts of an oil acid ( butyrate sodium and butyrate calcium). If buffer capacity of a forage high it it will be bad to be digested. To define her it is simple - test of a forage in quantity 10 g . (the chicken so much eats) titrate a hydrochloric acid 0,1 molar concentration. Result consider so: the more buffer capacity, the worse a forage. The calcareous flour, components with the raised level of a protein (soya extraction cake , a fish flour, etc.) create high buffer capacity. To reduce their buffer capacity, it is necessary to enter into mixed fodders various acidifier , in particular a citric acid.

About improvement of quality of mixed fodders at use of various additives has told V.Mustafaev, director of company AVC Adgo. The serious problem by manufacture of mixed fodders is a presence mycotoxin in raw material. Application of special means helps to disinfect it and forages. To these purposes apply, for example, mannanooli - saccharine , however their action not always happens effective then it is necessary to use enzymes - biotransformers.


Instead of antibiotics - growth factors which last years are not applied, in forages enter acidifier , probiotik enzymes. A cidifier promote decrease in pathogenic bacteria, including Е.соli and salmonellas, and increase comprehensibility of a protein. Probiotic add both in a forage, and in water for an establishment of favorable micro flora in organism animals and birds, it is especial at early stages of their development. Probiotic are usually used together with probiotic, they solitarily influence an organism of animals by selective stimulation of growth. Are necessary as well enzymes which promote the best digestion of nutrients of a forage.
In I.Panina's report, Dr.Sci.Tech., directors of the company KormoResurs, the set of factors of the technological process influencing stability of the maintenance of nutrients in ready mixed fodder, and consequently, and on efficiency of animals and birds is analyses. To such factors concern: natural variations of nutritious ness in raw material, errors of dosing out systems, heterogeneity of mixing of components of mixed fodders, errors of methods of the analysis of raw material, etc.

Concepts «variations of nutrients in mixed fodder» and «variations of nutrients in a daily diet of an animal» not always are identical. They are various first of all for components which are used in small quantities - less than 0,1%. For them distribution of particles in unit of volume is described Poisson by the law. The factor of a variation, for example, for a fermented preparation with a dosage 50 g on ton of mixed fodder, in a daily diet of a chicken (10 g) is equal 11,9%, and a daily diet layer (110g )-3,3%, at identical uniformity of mixing of mixed fodder. Therefore it is important to use exact batching by manufacture of mixed fodders and to choose the amalgamators having optimum characteristics, providing quality of mixing of components.
I.Panin has told also about new functions of a program complex «Forage Optima the Expert» which is created for the analysis of manufacture of cattle-breeding and poultry-farming production at a developed level of procurement prices of it and on components of mixed fodders. With the help of this program experts feed compound a factory can choose optimum strategy of feeding (nutritious ness of mixed fodders, cost feed day, a required level of efficiency of animals and birds) which provides the maximal profit of cattle-breeding and poultry-farming production.

The cellular equipment for the maintenance of a bird has presented O.Babich, the sales manager of firm ON Techno. During conference other questions concerning to manufacture of forages, to feeding and the maintenance of animals and birds were mentioned also. The program of conference included visiting a machine-building factory of company Asena. For two years, past with the last seminar, much has changed at the enterprise, it is visible, that it actively develops.
His floor spaces have increased twice. New shops are constructed: electro technical and assembly, is under construction and shop for painting. The company has got the new equipment, including for plasma opening the metal, allowing to make details with observance of more exact sizes. Use of new machine tools with program management provides high quality of made production. At the enterprise the system of monitoring of quality is introduced, in result the equipment became externally more attractive. A number of the important units, including bearings and bearing units, electro motors, which winding maintains heating up to 190 °С , and also electronic units are bought from known world manufacturers. By way of the company development of new designs of the transport equipment which will correspond to the European models.

The first in Azerbaijan and in transcaucasia
In Azerbaijan more than five years as are created company AVC Group which included firms: AVC Agro, engaged in deliveries of mixed fodders and their components, and Вауtar - A, offering medical products and vaccines for poultry farming and animal industries. Three years ago management AVC Group has decided to construct own feed compound a factory as the need for mixed fodders has appreciably grown, is especial at integrated poultry farms. For this purpose Azerbaijan company Asena which has developed the project of a factory has been chosen and has executed it. In 2006 near to the city of Sumgait company Asena has erected a building of the future feed compound a factory. However because of the problems connected to epidemic of a flu of birds, almost all integrated poultry farms of Azerbaijan for half-year have suspended the activity and consequently need for a complete set the equipment of a factory has disappeared.


Has passed time, crisis passed, poultry farming in republic began to develop, and the management of the company again has returned to idea of own manufacture of mixed fodders. In 2007, having discussed with experts of firm Asena economic feasibility of manufacture, company AVC Group has decided to let out not mixed fodders, and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates. To what it is connected? The basic raw material for a mixed fodder - grain, however to import it from facilities for processing, and then to release him mixed fodders economically less favorably, than to deliver these facilities БВМК , thus transport charges, so, and the cost price of production will decrease. All integrated poultry farms of Azerbaijan have feed compound shops where they can prepare for forages on own grain raw material with use БВМК . Besides with the organization of release БВМК other problems are solved also: the assortment of production extends dependence on import deliveries БВМК is reduced, additional workplaces open.

The equipment for a new factory on manufacture БВМК has put as company Asena, she and has mounted it. It is necessary to note, Asena specializes on construction block-modular feed compound factories, and the enterprise on release БВМК is its first project, here she has applied equipment specially developed for such manufacture. So the new enterprise, which name symbolical ally has appeared and reflects his essence: AVC Bayfab, that the First means Azerbaijan feed compound factory.
Building in which release of mixed fodders was initially planned, it was necessary to reconstruct - have increased height according to requirements of "know-how" БВМК . The designed capacity of a factory is designed for release 40 t in day of production at shift work. A factory of block -modular type, compact execution. On a ground floor eight reception bunkers in capacity on 10 t for macro components are established. The grain is not used almost, therefore in the bunker yeast and a shell rock which is applied instead of a calcareous flour are pawned basically sunflower extraction cake. If components need to be crushed, them direct to two vertical crushers productivity on 5 t/h. In hammer crushers of 6 mm , quantity of hammers in a crusher 36 piece, capacity of the electric drive of 18 kw are established a sieve with apertures in the size.

Macro components are weighed on weights by carrying capacity 1 t. On a line of average components it is placed eight bunkers in capacity on 1,5 t. Carrying capacity weight batcher for these components - 250 kg . For micro components eight bunkers on 500 kg are used also, they are dosed out on weights by carrying capacity of 75 kg. Strain gauges are established on all batcher.
After batching components serially act in one-shaft the amalgamator of horizontal type in capacity 1 t with the electric motor capacity of 22 kw. Time of mixing 120 with, uniformity - 1:100000, factor of a variation - less than 5 %. In the amalgamator fat for which preparation the special line with separate capacity for hot conditioning is intended also is entered. The finished goods act in the bunker, and then on packing in bags on 25 kg.
At a factory it is stipulated local aspiration . In it filters which design provides easy access to filtering elements with electronic - controlled clearing by a method of a countercurrent are applied. In local filters it is used needled a filtering material. The working area of filters, depending on a place of their installation, makes from 2 up to 10 m 3.

Project АСУТП of a factory was developed also by firm Asena, and the equipment is got from companies Siemens, Telemecanigue, Advantech. The technology of computer batching allows to enter necessary components with the maximal accuracy, thus influence of the so-called human factor is excluded. For manufacture БВМК components of the known companies, such as Veterina, Alltech, Degussa, Biomin are used, etc.
With construction of a factory not only the assortment of production has extended, but also new consumers have appeared. To reveal efficiency feeding БВМК in structure of mixed fodders, their researches on one of integrated poultry farms have been lead. Here have received good results, and now this facilities has completely passed on use БВМК . At the new enterprise can make concentrates as for chicken layer and broilers of all age, and for large horned livestock. Fast delivery of production to consumers, if necessary is organized by small parties.

At a factory the command of professionals and adherents is collected, good conditions for work are created. Experts of firm AVC Group try not only to supply consumers forages and components, but also to render him information support. They carry out various seminars on which took up questions of rational feeding of animals and birds, and it promotes improvement of quality of cattle-breeding and poultry-farming production.