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Modern methods feed processing and feedings

Such theme has been designated at the international conference which passed in Baku. As the initiator of her Azerbaijan firm Asena has acted. Experts of various firms took part in work of a forum, feed compound factories, cattle-breeding and poultry-farming facilities from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. For the first time such action was carried out two years ago, but for this time many questions which have defined a urgency of similar meetings for experts of agrarian


The company “Asena Ko” offers the process equipment for compound feed manufactures, and also complete compound feed factories of various capacities. Also gives possibility of acquisition separate equipment, to carry out their installation and adjustment on lines of other suppliers. All the equipment is made in Baku, according to all high world standards. In the course of designing and manufacturing of complete factories we had been studied and generalized experience of such world leaders as Buhler, CPM, Wynveen, etc. All factories constructed by us, have high degree of the automation manageable, are economic and mechanically reliable.
For automation of productions at factories, we use production of such firms as Andritz, Siemens, Telemecanique, Muller, Munch, Festo, etc. Our equipment differ modern design, reliability in operation, availability in service.