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Modern methods feed processing and feedings

Such theme has been designated at the international conference which passed in Baku. As the initiator of her Azerbaijan firm Asena has acted. Experts of various firms took part in work of a forum, feed compound factories, cattle-breeding and poultry-farming facilities from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. For the first time such action was carried out two years ago, but for this time many questions which have defined a urgency of similar meetings for experts of agrarian

ACS allows you to:
• To ensure the safe operation of equipment, reducing the possibility of erroneous actions attendants
• Increase the productivity of production lines, ensuring consistent operation of the equipment
• Monitor the quality of work by current accounting of raw materials and finished products
• Reduce operating costs while protecting equipment from overload operation in idle
• Quickly change the control logic, without the services of highly qualified personnel

Significant operational benefits ACS:
High reliability – complex equipment can be connected directly to the contactor to 5-magnitude inclusive without intermediate relay.
Flexible management – channel digital control enables collaboration with the Stop button stations of local government.
Low cost – a large number of channels in the functional modules of the complex significantly reduces the cost of channel management and control.
No restrictions on the number of channels – software complex that does not limit the number of channels and control on a single installation.
Low cost of ownership – to change the control logic, the addition of new tools and does not require highly paid experts on programming controllers.